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Here's a little info about the Tribe Six Family

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Our Story


“My tribe keeps me thriving, everyday”


Does a certain scent make you smile? Does a cherishable memory come to your mind? As a small town girl from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh, PA). I always had a love for candles. Everytime I would light a candle it would remind me of my sweet and beautiful (maternal) grandmother (Anna Mae). She always gave me xponential love and gave me candles as a young woman. From there on I started a love for candles.

Fast forward, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my first daughter, Ravin. I married my loving Husband, Matthew. We added three more incredible children to our tribe (Rhyann, Matthew Jr., and Royal). Tribe SIX was created in the unforgettable, world/life changing year, 2020. For my Tribe Six, everything slowed down and more time was spent with each other. I became a full time SAHM and more creative with my time. My candle making became a hobby to- a black-owned business.


If you any questions, concern or comments please share on our forum or email. Subscribe and join our community.  

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