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Here are just a few great reasons to Shop with Us

  • We are proud to provide our customers with an all natural wooden wick. The great thing about this wick is the soothing crackling you hear while burning. It's also great for the holidays as they remind you of a warm and comfortable fire place.

  • We believe that, coupled with our wood wick and industry leading aroma's; here at tribe six we give our customers the ultimate candle burning experience. Our candles and wax melts have a significant burn time which completes our top of the line product.  

  • Here at Tribe Six we love the chance to communicate with our people and to provide outstanding customer service. Please check our reviews and see what our current customers say about us and our products, so you can become the next tribe six customer.

  • We also give back to our Tribe Six Members with giveaways and promo codes, sales and more.    

My tribe keeps me thriving, everyday

Our Story


“My tribe keeps me thriving, everyday”


Does a certain scent make you smile? Does a cherishable memory come to your mind? As a small town girl from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh, PA). I always had a love for candles. Everytime I would light a candle it would remind me of my sweet and beautiful (maternal) grandmother (Anna Mae). She always gave me xponential love and gave me candles as a young woman. From there on I started a love for candles.

Fast forward, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my first daughter, Ravin. I married my loving Husband, Matthew. We added three more incredible children to our tribe (Rhyann, Matthew Jr., and Royal). Tribe SIX was created in the unforgettable, world/life changing year, 2020. For my Tribe Six, everything slowed down and more time was spent with each other. I became a full time SAHM and more creative with my time. My candle making became a hobby to- a black-owned business.

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